Emily Lauren Dick is a creative marketer, published author, activist, and trauma-informed mindset coach whose goal is to empower women and simplify things that humans struggle with.


Welcome to my little safe space on the internet. This is a place where you don’t have to fit into the boxes that society has set out for you, where you can change your mind as many times as you want and grow and heal into the person YOU want to be.

Growing up, I always felt like I didn’t belong. I always thought that I was too weird, too shy, too mature, and too much of a dreamer. So, I learned to fit in. My life has been full of experiences where I tried to step into my authenticity only to be shamed back into line. I was always searching for people who understood me, instead of learning to understand myself.

Today, after much healing, I’ve come to embrace my multi-passionate nature and refuse to let anyone else define me. My mission in life is to empower women and simplify the things humans struggle with. I unapologetically explore myself through writing, research, and creativity. A practice that has led me to educate people all over the world.

When I am not writing or educating others, I work as a creative marketer who embraces ethical marketing strategies for women-owned businesses at The Bootstrapped Woman.


  • All bodies are worthy!

  • Female body hair is normal.

  • Masturbation is healthy.

  • Stretchmarks are beautiful.

  • Sex isn't shameful.

"People learn to be brave by seeing others be brave."

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