Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body

Body Positive: A Guide to Loving Your Body is the number one resource for young adult women who desire to redefine and understand true beauty.

Focusing on correct body image, self-improvement, thinspiration, mental health, bullying, sexual harassment, and more, Body Positive is packed with introspective questions, guided activities, and inspiring, un-retouched photographs that display the bodies of real, everyday women. Body Positive is a helpful, informative and inspirational guide that will help any girl transcend society’s standards.

Your Body Rocks!

Your Body Rocks! takes away the shame of kids being curious about bodies (The Guiding Light Education Company Inc., 2022). An important resource to teach kids about body parts, safe vs. unsafe touch, consent, anatomy, reproduction, and gender.

This book simplifies the tough stuff for kids (and parents, too) by providing the age-appropriate information that they need.

The Body Positive ABCs

The Body Positive ABCs is coming soon (Familius Publishing, 2025).

"Every young girl, and some older ones that missed this message, should receive this book from someone who loves them."
—Midwest Book Review

"This book will improve many lives and could save some as well.”
—Dr. Jean Kilbourne